IBEW Local 1288 Officers and Stewards Annual Dinner 

On Thursday, December 14, 2017, IBEW held the Mid-Annual Officers and Stewards Dinner. The Officers and Stewards were thanked for doing such a good job; however, they were asked to continue to take leadership and step it up a bit in this anti-union atmosphere. The IBEW-Jonnie Dawson Charitable Foundation donated Ninety Thousand Dollars ($90,000) to 6 Memphis-based, non-profit organizations. I would like to thank everyone that was in attendance.  IBEW Local 1288 had a packed house of members, friends, and elected officials which made this a pleasurable event. We are grateful to Ms. Girlee’s Soul Food Restaurant for such a great Dinner.

The  2013  IBEW-Jonnie Dawson Charitable Foundation Campaign

“Helping the Community"

We  at  IBEW  Local  1288  have  rolled  our  sleeves  up  and  begun  the  IBEW-Jonnie  Dawson  Charitable  Foundation  Campaign  Kickoff.  We  started Thursday,  May  29,  2013  officially  campaigning  for  the  foundation  and  it  started out with  remarkable  results.  We,  as  a  team,  plan  to  continue  this campaign  throughout  the  year  with  goals  of  reaching  all  the  departments  within  MLGW.  If  our  team  has  not  come  around  to  your  department,  we will  be making  our  way  around  to  you  to  share  this  wonderful  501(c)(3)  Foundation  that  we  built  on  love, thoughtfulness, and  assisting  those  in  dire need  throughout  the  community.  IBEW-Jonnie Dawson Charitable Foundation  has adopted the  slogan  “Helping the Community is Everybody’s Responsibility”.    

On  Wednesday,  May  29,  2013,  IBEW  Local  1288  Union  donated  monies  out  of  our  IBEW-Jonnie Dawson Charitable  Foundation  to  assist  Ms. Velma Massey,  an  88-year­‐old  elderly  customer  of  MLGW whose utility bill had escalated to  over $4,200.00. Ms.  Massey  is  on  a  fixed  income.  IBEW  Local 1288  Union/IBEW-Jonnie Dawson   Charitable  Foundation  knows  the  severity  of  anyone  in  need,  especially  the  elderly,  during  these  hard economic   times;  so,  the  charitable  foundation  stepped  in  to  lend  a  helping  hand  by  paying  this  utility  bill  in  its entirety   before  it  was  cut  off,  in  efforts  to allow  Ms.  Massey  to  get  herself  back  on  track.  The  IBEW-­Jonnie Dawson   Charitable  Foundation  is  set  up  to  allow  the  membership  of  IBEW  Local 1288  Union  the  opportunity  to give  back   to  the  Memphis  and  Shelby  County  Community  through  payroll  deduction.


IBEW Local 1288 will be campaigning for our charitable foundation and we are expecting impressive results. It is our goal to visit all areas within Memphis Light Gas and Water Division to spread the word about the IBEW-Jonnie Dawson Charitable Foundation and its accomplishments. We ask that all employees ~ Union and Management ~ be prepared to support our charitable foundation through payroll deduction.

 IBEW-Jonnie Dawson Contribution Report​.

Deadline to submit for 2019 grant consideration is November 1, 2019

Since  its  inception  in  2010,  the  IBEW-­‐Jonnie  Dawson  Charitable  Foundation  has  raised  and/or donated approximately $400,000.00  to help  the  citizens  of  Memphis,  Tennessee.  Having  started  our  very  own  501(c)(3) charitable  foundation  that  gives  back  to  the community,  the  IBEW-­Jonnie  Dawson  Charitable  Foundation  sets  us aside  from  other  labor  unions  in  Memphis  and  throughout  the country.  We pride ourselves on GIVING;  we believe that the community comes first. This is just another way of how IBEW Local 1288 Union expresses our sincerity to the community because we truly believe that “HELPING THE COMMUNITY IS EVERYBODY’S RESPONSIBILITY”. Employees  must  come  to  understand  that  to  be  a  good  labor  organization,  you  must  be  a  good  community organization.  Representing our members and helping the community must work hand in hand and we must continue to practice what we preach.



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"Helping The Community Is Everybody's Responsibility"

Sister Jonnie Dawson